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What Auto Repair

Services Do We Offer? 

We offer all auto repair services such as brake repair , oil changes, engine tune ups, engine repair, air conditioning repair, exhaust system repair, transmission repair, and more! If your vehicle is not operating as it should the first step is to first have it be diagnosed to uncover any problem areas. Once the problem areas have been discovered we go over the best affordable solutions that are available to you

Auto Repair Service

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What it Auto Repair?


Auto repair is a necessary service designed to diagnose and repair any automotive issues so that vehicles last longer while also remaining safer for the driver and the environment.

Over time, vehicle components wear out and become less efficient or even experience total failure. A vehicle is simply a series of calibrated systems and each system has elements that can fail causing the entire system to no longer function properly.

Auto repair services have been around since the first mainstream vehicle, the Model T, built by Henry Ford, hit the streets in 1908.

Ever since then auto repair shops have been a much needed and appreciated service for millions of us fortunate enough to own automobiles.

Why choose Us?

Our mechanics are experienced and treat every customer vehicle as our own. Our strong worth ethic and attention to detail is fueled by our passion for automobiles! Let us show you why were the best local option for your auto repair needs!

Oil Changes

Exhaust Repair

Engine Repair

Transmission Repair

“My engine tune up was completed fast and I’m happy I brought my vehicle to these guys!
– Peter A”

“For the last 3 months my AC system was getting weaker and weaker until it finally stopped blowing cold air all September! I went right to the shop and within an hour they had my going on my car with he AC blowing colder then ever before. Thank you”
– Timothy S”

“This auto shop gives awesome prices and the service is outstanding!
– Susan P”

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  • AC services
  • Transmission Repair
  • Engine Repair

Auto Repair Shop


Auto Body Shop

The term “Auto repair” is comprised of auto repair shops, ie mechanics, as well as auto body repair shops. What are the differences between the two?

Auto repair shops are generally specialized in fixing the mechanical aspect of vehicles such as brakes, transmissions, engines, suspension parts and air conditioning systems. 

Auto body shops are in the field of repairing the aesthetics of a vehicle only. This covers paint jobs, dent repair, scratch repair, bumper repair, new body panels, frame straightening and all other exterior accessories such as head lights, tail lights, fog lights, emblems, and more.

Knowing the difference between these two types of auto repair shops is important when driving, or even calling multiple shops to gain estimates.

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We made a promise to the community that our prices will always remain fair and affordable. We value long term customer relationships over short term. 

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