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Why Oil Changes Are Important

Engine oil keeps the internal parts of your vehicle’s engine properly lubricated. This prevents the moving parts to grind against each other which would cause them to wear out within minutes.

Engine oil is also partially responsible for keeping the engine at a tolerable operating temperature.

When engine oil circulates around the engine block, it disperses heat away from the hottest areas such as the cylinder walls and crankshaft bearings.
This cooling effect and lubrication engine oil provides prolongs the lifespan of your vehicles engine.

Oil Change Service

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Which Oil Is The Best For My Vehicle?


There are many different types of oil available that you can use in your vehicle. Generally it is best to use an oil weight that your vehicle manufacture recommends such as 5w-30 or 10w-30.

However, for those of us who have a car that lives its life here in south Florida, we can use thicker oil weights then what the manufacture recommends as thicker oil’s seal better and is more resistant to thinning at higher engine temperatures. This helps to reduce the wear on your engine over time.

Keep in mind that, if you use your vehicle to travel out of Florida to colder environments you will want to stick to the manufacture recommendations due to the fact that they measure the cold weather aspect in when creating their oil recommendations.

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Our mechanics are experienced and treat every customer vehicle as our own. Our strong worth ethic and attention to detail is fueled by our passion for automobiles! Let us show you why were the best local option for your oil change needs!

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“My oil change was completed fast and I had a great time speaking with the guys about my vehicle!
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“I realized I was using the wrong oil for my last 4 oil changes! I am glad they took the time to explain to me which oil was the best for my corvette. My car runs smoother than before. Thanks again
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“This auto shop gives awesome prices and the service is outstanding!
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Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil are man-made and because of that last longer than conventional oils. Most of the car engines made today are designed to run on synthetic engine oils because the engine tolerances are “tighter” due to advanced engine technology. This enables engines to get more miles per gallon as well as reducing the amount of emissions expelled from them. 

Synthetic blends also exist and are a mix of conventional oil and synthetic and are a popular option among pick up and SUV drivers who are looking for greater protection from high-load activities such as towing. 

Synthetic blend oils are far cheaper then full synthetic and provide a boost in protection compared to using conventional oils. 

High millage oils are designed to help renew engine seals that, over time, dry out and shrink causing oil leaks both internally and externally. This is achieved through special additives called “seal conditioners” that are carefully chosen by oil manufactures. 


Top Oil brands

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