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When you bring your vehicle to us the first step is to assess the condition of your vehicle with one of our world class multi-point vehicle inspections. Once we determine all the problem areas we consult with you about which are the most important areas to repair. We understand that everyone used their vehicles for different purposes and we take that into consideration when recommending repairs to be made. 

Our Services & Offers


Transmissions & Gear - $1000+

Transmissions are responsible for smooth shifting and have many sensors and internal parts that, when worn out, can cause shifting issues. Let us diagnose your transmission issues so that your car shifts smoothly again. 


Tires and wheels - $50+

One of the most important aspect of a vehicle are the tires and wheels. They are responsible for keeping your vehicle on the road as well as helping your vehicle stop during an emergency. We can repair and replace tires so that your vehicle remains safe.

Oil Changes & Tune Ups - $25+

Changing your oil on time is the most crucial factor in determining how long your engine will last before it fails & needs replacement. Having your engine tuned up from time to time will increase the life of your vehicle & actually be cheaper in the long run.


Exhaust System - $250+

A loud exhaust can ruin the driving experience for you, your passengers, and even your neighbors. Over time, exhaust gaskets fail causing your car to become louder. Let us repair exhaust flaws to keep your car sounding pleasant to the ear. 


Brake Repair - $150+

Brakes are very important to the safety of you and your passengers. Brake pads and rotors wear out every time the brake pedal is pressed. Those components require changing so that your vehicle retains it's breaking performance.  


Battery Repair - $120+

Over time car batteries start to weaken and this can lead to intermittent starting issues or even complete no starts. Let us inspect, test, and and install a new battery to keep your vehicle starting every time. 


Engine repair - $1000+

Over time engines unfortunately wear out. Everything from gaskets to internal parts can fail. We can diagnose and repair any engine issue your vehicle has such as spun bearings, ticking valves, faulty piston rings, and more. 


Air Conditioning Repair - $150+

Having an ice cold AC system can make the difference in whether you have an unpleasant driving experience or a comfortable one. Here in South Florida, a car with a working AC system is almost as necessary as the vehicle engine itself .


Steering & Suspension Repair - $500+

Over time, the steering and suspension systems wear out and require new parts such as tie rods, shocks, struts, and ball joints. If you notice your car is not as stiff as it used to be or too bouncy when going over bumps then it is time for an inspection.


Alternator Repair - $300+

If your alternator fails, it will no longer charge your battery. The first symptom of a failed alternator is a car that won't start. If you find yourself having to charge or jump start your vehicle it may be due to a faulty alternator as opposed to the battery.

“These guys do excellent work and are very patient. You can tell they truly care about their customers. My 2015 Dodge Charger is running better then ever after my last tune up. I highly Recommend!”

-Ricky T


“I thought my engine needed service as I heard a strange noise so I decided to bring my Jeep by to have it assessed. It turned out to be a bad exhaust gasket that only cost me $60 to have repaired. My Jeep sounds like factory again. Very pleased with these guys!”

-Mike P 

“For the last 10 years or so I have been using a few different mechanics in Boynton to service my BMW. I reckon seeing a BMW caused those mechanics to charge me more. These guys charge me less for the same services then I ever spend with the other local shops. I can only imagine the amount of money I wasted over the years! Wish I met them off right the bat! Will be coming here form now on.”

-Linda G


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We made a promise to the community that our prices will always remain fair and affordable. We value long term customer relationships over short term. 

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